About Me

Hi, my name is meg.
I live big,
Love big, 
 and attempt 
to have big hair. 
(I mean I am from Texas yall)

I have always been enamored by pictures. The idea of capturing a moment in time to keep for ever excites me. The idea of a flash of light's ability to document someone for eternity makes my heart do somersaults! As a photographer I feel a responsibly to not only capture the visual picture but the spirit and emotions that go along with those fleeting moments. 

Capture fleeting moments. 
Capture love. 
Capture life. 
Create memories.

I am a Texas nomad. 
Technically I live in a small town in the Dallas area but I am CONSTANTLY traveling around the state. 
I have home bases in all the major areas; 
Dallas, Houston, San Antonio, and Austin 
(see what did I say Texas nomad!) 
Not to mention I also cross state lines in to Louisiana on a regular basis. 
If you can find me I can find you!

ANNNND side note; you say my middle name like Katie. Just in case you were wondering :)