Louisiana Wedding Photographer: Mason & Bethany

The wedding began with a radiant light pouring in the window reflecting off her contagious smile. Bethany's laid back laugh calmed the flurry of activity that brought the house alive. Hairs were curled and placed perfectly, mascara was swept on, lips coated with a simple swipe of gloss, everything normal. Bethany laughed and asked "do I even need to wear eyeshadow?". We all scoffed and reminded her that this was her wedding day after all.

This simple question summed it all up because ultimately it wasn't about her hair, her make up or even the expertly designed decor. It was about marrying the man of her dreams. The man that had chosen to love her and that she chose  to love back. Yes, her bridesmaids insisted she wear eyeshadow but she could have just as well gone with out because the joy radiating from her was enough.

Bethany, you were angelically beautiful. Mason you are incredibly hysterical. I am blessed to call you friends, to capture the start of your beautiful life together. May you always remember these sweet moments with friends and family and be reminded of how much we love you.

{Jena, Louisiana}

Some of my favorite details are the duck hunting details that they added. This is Mason's wedding ring. It is a replica of a "Duck Band" (dont worry if you don't know what that is I had to get it explained to me too). He even included a phone number which reads "1800-***-Beth"

Bethany's OH so talented mama, affectionately known as Lor, made these PRECIOUS duck cake toppers for the grooms cake. Please note the top hat and the veil. ADORBS. 

To see more of Mason and Bethany's wedding watch here!



Kara said...

Fantastic pictures! So happy for the beautiful couple! And those toppers are way too cute. Great job!

Jessica @ Lovely Little Things said...

I am OBSESSED with their venue and all of the little details.
And you know what? I wouldn't have had the chance to appreciate the beauty of
those things if it wasn't for your crazy awesome photo skills :)


Amanda Gail said...


Your photography is unbelievably incredible!
This wedding was gorgeous.


Annie said...

Meg, these are beautiful pictures! Those toppers kill me. And I love how they incorporated duck hunting into Mason's ring too!

Michelle said...

These are SOO beautiful! You did so amazing!

Ginger Combs said...


curtis03 Lewis said...

Good to know about your wedding photography services. Couple of weeks ago, I arranged my niece’s engagement party at one of beautiful San Francisco wedding venues. The photographer of wedding took lovely pictures there.