Texas Senior Photographer

Texas Senior Portrait Photographer: Allyson, Erin and Bethany

We graduated a year ago (ish), Yes I know, but now that I have a spiffy new blog and blogger has made it exponetially easier to upload pictures I want to share some of my favortie college senior portraits.

{Allyson: Downtown Bryan, Texas}

This is my DEAR friend Allyson. I love her a lot. I wouldn't have survived senior year/ looking for a job with out her. AND she is beautiful inside and out.

{Erin: Texas A&M University, College Station, TX}

This is Erin, she is one of my favorite teacher friends. I would SO not have been able to make it through my last semesters of college with out this girl right beside me! She is finishing up her first year as a kindergarten teacher!

{Bethany: Texas A&M University, College Station, TX}

and this pretty lady right here well she just got engaged!
Woo Hoo Conrgats Bethany!


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