Texas Engagement Photographer: Katie + Lawton

We thought we knew it all as college freshman. 
In some ways we did and in other ways we knew absolutely nothing. 
I specifically remember one late night conversation where we openly discussed who we were going to marry--that is where the "we thought we knew everything" came in because if you were to ask us that night we knew exactly how the next 4 years of our ove lives would look. 

Spoiler Alert... we knew NOTHING. 

Katie had no idea that this handsome Marine would come into her life and turn it upside down. As many 21st couples know Facebook can be a powerful tool of love and a mutual friend (Hi, Ryan) can be even more powerful. Lawton just knew that he needed to know the girl who he saw flash on his screen. Katie knew that the 7 months they wrote to each other she had someone special on her hands.

Watching your friend in love is one of the most brilliant things in the world. 
I couldn't love these two more. 
I couldn't be happier for these two. 
I couldn't be more excited to celebrate with these two in October. 



Victoria said...

They have a cute story, thanksn for sharing part of it! You did an awesome job capturing the love they share.

Jessica @ Lovely Little Things said...

Oh my gosh!
MEG! You are so talented!
The brick backdrop...gorgeous!

Keep it up :)

Michelle said...

These are KILLER! Love them, Meg! Now come to Ohio and shoot pictures for me :)

Brittany Johnson said...

Can't believe we all met each other 5 years ago...it still feels like yesterday. Can't wait for this sweet girl to walk down the aisle!