Holden 3 months: Austin Family Photographer

I may be bias because when this child learns to talk he will call me Aunt Meg but I think he may be in the running for cutest child on the planet. I loved getting to spend time with my little man! Don't let those cute little baby smiles and giggle fool you we had some serious talks during our session. Basically we have all out "shh don't tell you mom I gave you a _______( insert banned item here)" plan all worked out. So really anytime he is smiling he is really thinking of the popsicles  oreos, light up toys that make annoying sounds that his Aunt Meg is going to spoil him with. 


And now some with Mommy and Daddy! 

Cant wait to watch my little Holden boy grow... and be trained to start smiling and acting cute when aunt meg and her strange black box come around! 
PS. Shout out Mamu and her being all hip and knowing what a blog is! 


mostly.martha said...

Awesome!! SoBeautifulIHaveNoWords! ApparentlyNoSpacesEither... SillyPhone! ThankYouMeg!

Lindsay @ Trial By Sapphire said...

Lovely! These are such great shots, Meg!