Ellen, a beautiful senior from A&M Consol on the cusp of taking on the world, one ROCKIN video at a time! I can't wait to see what is in store for this girl, full of life, love, energy and a closet full of FABULOS clothes... what else could a girl ask for!

The theme of this shoot was " all for the sake of the picture", but no really. At various times I was on the roof of a car, trespassing on someones land ( so much easier to ask for forgiveness than permission), as well as getting attacked by some vicious bugs..."whatever it takes"!

This one just makes my heart happy!

obsessed, seriously


Seniors 2010!!!!
So proud of you Ellen... ROCK IT

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mostly.martha said...

thanks so much for doing these beee-you-tee-full photos of my baby girl... love, martha