It was the last day of fifth grade, 27 11 year olds sat in a empty classroom staring at a teacher we had stared at for the previous 9 months, she called out the end of the year awards one by one

"most athletic"...clearly not me
"best artist"...again, totally not me
"teachers pet"... not me?
the list went on and on, she must have forgotten me, yep that was it, she had forgotten to make me an award... but wait what was that I heard..."Meg Scholz...Drama Queen". I GOT THE DRAMA QUEEN AWARD ( insert emphatic hair flip) WHAT? Me, Drama Queen... NEVER.

She taught me to embrace my drama queen-ness, she taught what it meant to be an Aggie, she taught me to have fun in school!

Last weekend I had the pleasure of snapping some pictures of her precious little baby boy! Melissa, thanks for letting me spend some time with your wonderful boys! Thanks for all your inspiration! From your first classroom baby to your your own baby... happy 1st birthday brooks!

Well hello there handsome!

how can you look at this picture and not smile!

brotherly love!

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