Stephanie & Zach: Engaged. pt. 1

Hi meet my best friends Stephanie and Zach ( you can read why I love Stephanie here, but don't get me wrong I love Zach just as much).
The first time I meet Steph was at church, she had mentioned she couldn't go to lunch because she was bringing her sick boyfriend soup, cute right?, HA! I didn't think so, my thoughts were something along the lines of "gag, give me a bucket" (which would later become a HUGE joke). God sure does have a sense of humor because 3 years and lots of laughs later they are getting married and I get to be their MOH and their engagement photographer.

The first time I heard their "love story" it was on a trip to the Guadalupe river. Steph and I were in one car and Zach and Ryan were in the other. This is the first time Steph and I had really talked/hung out. Unknowingly to Steph and I the boys were also discussing the "firsts" of Zach and Steph. Ryan would call periodically and check with Steph that Zach was getting the facts straight!

First kiss: Steph's driveway
First to say "I love you": Steph ( in a text might I ADD, you kids and your technology :) )
First date in College Station: Applebees
... and the list goes on.

I distinctively remember asking her if she thought she was going to marry Zach, with out missing a beat her answer was a resounding "YES!" I always look back at that time and laugh, we never thought we would be here, MOH, best man, bride and groom, but alas we are and we couldn't be happier! Thanks for letting me chase you around with a camera, drag you out into the cold, and capture the love that I have seen grow and develop over the past 3 years. June 11th... only 208 days!

PART ONE ( part two tomorrow!)

well hello yummy light, so nice of you to join us!

SIDE NOTE: We decided to do the day in two parts, a morning session and a evening session (coming tomorrow), these are the morning pictures. The only thing I regret about this session is that I did't get a picture of Zach when we told him we were meeting at 6:30 AM. It was priceless, you can take my word on that :). But don't worry I did capture something quite entertaining... more to come on that a little later!

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